TYPE / Restaurant
CLIENT / Ostitaly srl
SIZE / 500 sqm
LOCATION / Fort de France, Martinique
STATUS / Completed
YEAR / 2015

R&P design team / Enrico Riabiz, Giorgio Cucut, Elisa Zorzenon, Andrea Scarabò, Katia Sterpin
Design manager / Giorgio Cucut

This project included designing the logo for a new restaurant services brand, guiding the exporting process of exquisite gastronomic products from Italy and developing a restaurant prototype to be exported all over the world.
The first of these restaurants, Ostitaly –located on the sunny beach of Martinique– combines the character of traditional Italian taverns with certain features of modern industrial style. The dominant element is a huge ‘tree-bookcase’ made of iron and wood: the long branches define the ceiling and the boxes embedded in the trunk exhibit the best that Italy has to offer in terms of food.