TYPE / 47 beach villas
CLIENT / Private
SIZE / 200 sqm
LOCATION / Coco Beach, Nicaragua
STATUS / Ongoing
YEAR / 2016 >

R&P design team / Enrico Riabiz, Elisa Zorzenon, Katia Sterpin, Daniele Libertazzi, Caterina Micucci
Design manager / Giorgio Cucut

“Ocean wind” is the new Caribbean design challenge for a series of 42 beach villas. Gently laying on the wooded hill side facing a white sand beach, the two-storey large residences feature a breathtaking panoramic views and soft ocean breezes.
Contemporary furniture has been mixed with tropical and local materials such wood and natural fibers to result in the ideal living of a beach house. The living room has been designed as a large unique space with the terrace facing the seashore. A jacuzzi and a swing create the ultimate outdoor experience.