TYPE / Villa
CLIENT / Private
SIZE / 1200 sqm
LOCATION / Moscow, Russia
STATUS / Ongoing
YEAR / 2015>

R&P design team / Enrico Riabiz, Giorgio Cucut, Caterina Micucci, Andrea Scarabò, Valentina Cascione
Design manager / Giorgio Cucut

This spacious four-floor villa is characterized by the richness of materials and a refined, tasteful atmosphere.
The geometric rigor of the floor and ceiling design, as well as the rhythmic variety of depths in niches and pilasters, is softened by a game of mirrors and by a warm palette of fabrics that cover interior partitions and furnishings. The structure of the perimeter walls fades into a system of multiple layers –curtains, wall panels, folding screens and mirrors– which crystallize in a kaleidoscope of shades and transparencies.