TYPE / Lawyer’s office
CLIENT / Studio legale Fantin
SIZE / 300 sqm
LOCATION / Pordenone, Italy
STATUS / Completed
YEAR / 2015-2016

R&P design team / Enrico Riabiz, Giorgio Cucut, Elisa Zorzenon
Design manager / Giorgio Cucut
Site manager / Enrico Riabiz, Giorgio Cucut
Photography / Maurizio Polese

The spatial distribution of this office is characterized by a strong geometry made of fragmented lines, which gives it with an almost urban aspect. Moving through space, new sights and unexpected perspectives come up constantly.
Along the development of the project, there was a strong synergy with the customer, which led to the detailed design of the built environment and to the attentive conception and production of all the furnishings. A natural continuity of architectural and chromatic features between rooms is achieved thanks to the design of bookcases, desks, tables and boiseries –with their precise geometry– and to the careful interweaving of eucalyptus wood and black lacquer paint.